My child would be giving the paper-based test for JEE Mains. Would an Online test series be a relevant approach?

Online tests are better preparation tools since they are more accurate and end up giving better evaluation, are faster and show quicker results. If you still feel comfortable with the conventional model, you can by means get the test printed and have it attempted by your child off-line as well.

How does IIMPROVE help?

IIMPROVE is a very unique platform that should be used to supplement your child’s classroom coaching for the examination. The complete IIMPROVE toolkit is crafted to conduct continuous assessment and evaluation and in turn provide personalised practice and assessment strategy for every student, along with detailed performance reports and progress tracking that is accessible at all times.

Can my child get the Test series in a printed format?

Yes. A month before the exam, your child can use his/her registered ID to get a great lot of new questions and tests off-line and print, write and correct them.

Why is the Computer based Examination (CBE) format better than Pen and Paper based format in the JEE Mains examination?

CBEs are better than the conventional paper based exam format for the following benefits they ensure:

  • Convenience of choosing the date and venue for your exam
  • Reduced pressure of exam with smaller batches of students attempting the exam
  • Reduced margins of errors with the on screen display of one question at a time
  • A single mouse click for answering saves time and chances of error with the bubbling (marking with pens) and manual marking of answers on the OMR sheets
  • Reduced chance of missing/skipping a question
  • No chance of OMR sheet damage while erasing old answers or due to any other reason.
  • Better format to review, re-answer or re-attempt
  • Better presented tests (with graphics and images) – more engaging and comprehendable
  • CBEs are cheaper than paper-based exams by Rs. 500 in terms of the exam fee

There will be no previous test papers or sample papers as they take away the question papers too.

How does Online Exam Preparation help my child?

CBEs are better than the conventional paper based exam format for the following benefits they ensure:

  • Unbiased test administration and scoring
  • Precise calculation of time taken on every single question, belonging to the whole range of topics within the subjects
  • Reduced rate of errors in understanding, recognizing and entering responses
  • Personal and direct feedback to the individual student, guiding him or her on their performance
  • Increased delivery, better administration and higher efficiency
  • Fewer errors in comprehension caused by the testing process
  • Convenience of individualized administration at a suitable and requested date and location
  • Improved test security with electronic transmission and encryption
  • Faster and better controlled test revision process, resulting into shorter response time
  • Increased candidate acceptance and satisfaction
  • Quicker decision-making as the result of immediate scoring and reporting

There will be no previous test papers or sample papers as they take away the question papers too.

What are the League Wars?

League Wars is our zone of challenges that we throw to the subscribers and their friends. It is a knowledge contest with a game-like character to stimulate the students’ preparation and skills and attempt a unique question on daily basis to win exciting personal gadgets like iPads and iPods.

How do the League Wars help in my child’s exam preparation?

League Wars are designed to stimulate, seek and solve new challenges that have not been presented to the students. They are also special because a every single question is a complete exercise for multiple concepts.

Apart from Test Series, what other value does IIMPROVEadd for my child?

IIMPROVE provides continuous evaluation and progress tracking for every student. It gives a clear mapping of a child’s strong and weak areas, their stamina, focus and scope to IIMPROVEthe performance by additionaly suggesting a personalised practice strategy for competitive exams.

Who is Achin Bansal and what is his role in IIMPROVE?

Achin Bansal is an accomplished engineering graduate from IIT who topped his batch with All India Rank 1 in 2007. In his endeavor to share his learnings, talent and understanding of exam strategy, he leads the content team as the Chief Academic Mentor.